Three Part Initiatives:

  • South Beach Challenge (Childhood Hunger):

Selected students will be enrolled in our free online partner platform, On this platform, there is a dedicated group for students and faculty to achieve incentives through fitness, nutrition, interaction and more. The goal is to create and community among its participating students where activities are tracked and accomplishments are rewarded. Rewards include food based gift certificates to partner restaurants and shopping centers as well as dedicated gifts certificates to retailers of choice by each student. Through this South Beach Challenge we are able to monitor the ongoing activity of each student that leads into the individual development component.

  • Program Certificates (Individual Development):

One goal of the EAT SMART program is to recognize, encourage, and develop South Florida’s youth, who have notably demonstrated good character by working to develop themselves as tomorrow’s leaders while assisting others in their community

This program requires participating youth to demonstrate characteristics in multiple areas of daily life:

  1. Academics ; Attendance
    1. Example: Monitored by faculty, students must maintain positive grades and attendance in school to be eligible for the EAT SMART program
  2. Career development
    1. Example: Walmart Day, where students learn different jobs in store and the progression through promotions in the company
  3. Community ; Neighborhood ; Family strengthening
    1. Example: Students participate in a Beach Cleanup Day with the City of Miami Beach
  4. Health ; Wellness; Nutrition
    1. Example: Whole Foods Market Day, where students are given a $10 budget to create a healthy meal in store
  5. Financial literacy
    1. Example: BankUnited Day, where students are taught how to open a checking account and manage their financials
  6. Leadership
    1. Example: Motivational Edge Day, where students come together and build synergy throughout the group while developing a song geared towards their experiences as a student
  7. Entrepreneurship Business Competition
    1. Example: where students have the entire school year to create a business plan focused on providing a healthier lifestyle for the community.

With guidance from the CI Foundation, youth will enact good character purposefully throughout the year. Programs will be scheduled in order for participants to display competence in each of the above fields. Students must attend all scheduled activities to receive their certificate and be eligible for the programs grand prize.

  • Youth Fitness Clinic (Childhood Obesity):

The EAT SMART program will culminate each summer with a Youth Fitness Clinics. The clinic will be hosted by a designated NFL Athlete and partner of the CI Foundation. The goal of the clinic is to focus on health, wellness and exercising, with the motto of “put down the remote control and let us show you how exercising can be fun.” The clinics is held each year at Gwen Cherry Park in Miami, FL and includes additional youth from the partner facility. In addition, we incorporate athletic trainers, doctors and nutritionist in an open forum and discussion with the youth.